Description: Burro Crane Model 40 Yellow Painted

Product ID: OMI 1693.2
Manufacturer: River Raisin
Category: MOW

Brass: Yes
Gauge: S
Color: Yellow
Year: 1992
Condition: Like-new (box: Like-new)

Available: 1
Price: $425.00 $361.25

Comments: Factory painted model.

The retail price for an unlettered model when originally released in 1993 was $169.00.

Description: Rotary Snowplow & Tender - Painted

Product ID: OMI-1691/Sn3
Manufacturer: Overland
Category: MOW
Denver & Rio Grande Western (D&RGW) OM

Brass: Yes
Gauge: Sn3
Color: Gray
Year: 1987
Condition: Like New (box: New)

Available: 1
Price: $795.00 $650.00

Comments: Professionally painted with window glazing and moderate weathering. The snowplow and tender are both currently gauged for Sn3. The snowplow can also be set up to run on standard gauge track using the same trucks just as the prototype did. Standard gauge wheels are included in the parts package. The tender has Sn3 trucks with 26 inch wheels and will not accept standard gauge wheelsets. The price for the rotary snowplow includes both the snowplow and the tender.

The original retail in 1985 was $329.95 unpainted.

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