American Flyer - 5011-BBW

UP Streamline Passenger Set

Description: UP Streamline Passenger Set

Product ID: 5011-BBW
Manufacturer: American Flyer
Category: AF 5011-BBW Set

Gauge: S
Year: 1950
Condition: Excellent (box: Very Good)

Available: 1
Price: 1,450.00 1,350.00

Comments: The set appears complete and the locomotive has the original wrapper, the passenger cars have original boxes, the 577 whistling billlboard has the original box, the curve track has the original box and the uncoupler has the original box. Included are six unboxed straight sections of track that came with the set. The track locks and other appropriate tags and literature appear to be complete. Overall this is a relatively complete original set that has an excellent or better locomotive and rolling stock. The set box label was damaged from tape that was used to seal the set box. The set number is clearly visible and easy to read. There is overall aging to the set box with some damage particularly to the factory taped corner on the right side ot the label end. The passenger car boxes have their stamped ends identifying the respective cars, but repairs have been made to the flaps primarily on the 663 Observation Car box. Clear package sealing tape was used on the inside of the boxes where needed to reattach flaps or to reinforce the flaps. The 577 whistling billboard shows areas of paint damage related to the wiring being in contact with the exterior surfaces when it was stored. The condition of the set box, the whistling billboard box and the passenger car boxes are not as nice as the other contents of the set.

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