American Flyer - 356

Silver Bullet Pacific-Customized*

Description: Silver Bullet Pacific-Customized*

Product ID: 356
Manufacturer: American Flyer
Category: Locomotive

Gauge: S
Color: Dull Nickel
Year: 1953
Condition: ExcellentPlus (box: None)

Available: 1
Price: $275.00

Comments: This locomotive and tender have been electroplated with a dull nickel finish. Prior to the electroplating the front cab windows were drilled and filed out, the smoke stack was drilled out and the numberboards at the front of the locomotive were drilled and filed out. The numberboards have plexiglass lenses with small "356" decals applied ove the lenses and they illuminate when the headlight bulb is turned on. The tender has new old stock six wheel link coupler trucks that were riveted on with new old stock American Flyer rivets. Solid brass pickup wheels were used in the tender trucks. The locomotive has an improved version of the two wheel trailing truck with die cast iron sintered metal sideframes.The slot in the boiler where the original reverse unit lever protruded is still in place. The locomotive now has an American Flyer tender style forward-neutral-reverse unit mounted in the tender. The lettering on the locomotive and tender is self adhesive decal material that was produced in the 1970 to 1980 time period. The locomotive runs and smokes well. A nice overall restoration inspired by the American Flyer Silver Bullet, but with the differences described above.

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