Caboose Industries - 103R

Rigid Ground Throw with hi-level switch stand .190" travel for HO/S

Description: Rigid Ground Throw with hi-level switch stand .190" travel for HO/S

Product ID: 103R
Manufacturer: Caboose Industries
Category: Track Components - C. Turnouts

Gauge: S
Color: Black
Year: 2016
Condition: New (box: New)

Available: 3
Price: 7.15 4.29

Comments: Rigid ground throws (Series 100R) are fully-functioning stands that require the hobbyist to supply a spring link between the slidebar and turnout throwbar. Rigid models are recommended when the ground throw must be mounted some distance from the turnout. Normally, ground throw motion is transmitted via a spring wire running through a tube to the turnout mechanism.

The modeler can make their own spring or purchase the 199R Remote Spring. Rigid throws are used where there is something in the way that prevents direct mounting the throw to the turnout. Examples would be adjacent trackage, structures, scenery or for a turnout out of arm's reach.

The ground throw is assembled, but the switch stand requires assembly. The green/red visual indicators are unpainted black ABS and will require painting. Jewel markers for the switch stand lantern are not included.


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