MTH - 35-76024

Flat Car with 48' Trailer (Smooth) w/Scale WheelsIllinois Central 62810

Description: Flat Car with 48' Trailer (Smooth) w/Scale Wheels

Product ID: 35-76024
Manufacturer: MTH
Category: Trailer-on-Flat Cars
Illinois Central 62810

Gauge: S
Color: Black
Year: 2016
Condition: New (box: New)

Available: 1
Price: $69.95 $58.95

Comments: Flat cars with trailers are currently being offered at a pre-production introductory price. Each roadname comes with two different car numbers and is offered with either scale or hirail wheels.You will need to selcect the product number that has the car road number and the wheel configuration you want.

You may place your pre-production order by clicking on the attached link which will generate an email to Sidetracks. You will not be billed for any products until they are received by Sidetracks and ready to ship to you.

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