Raggs...to Riches - OUD-S

Ouray Depot Laser Cut Kit

Description: Ouray Depot Laser Cut Kit

Product ID: OUD-S
Manufacturer: Raggs...to Riches
Category: Structures - C. Depot

Gauge: S
Color: Unpainted
Condition: New (box: New)

Available: 1
Price: 225.00

Comments: This is an accurate model of the D&RG Ouray Depot and freight platform that was constructed in August 1888. The depot was destroyed by fire on May 20th 1948 when the spring snow melt caused an electric transmission line to lean into the railroad's telegraph line. The resulting short circuit caused fires in the Ouray Depot, the Ridgway Depot and the Ridgway roundhouse.

The footprint of the depot is 9" x 13" or 13" x 18" with the freight platform included. This is an outstandingly designed kit. The kit is in mint condition and comes in the original box with well detailed instructions for assembly.

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