River Raisin - Pioneer Zephyr

Burlington Pioneer Zephyr 4 Car SetChicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q)

Description: Burlington Pioneer Zephyr 4 Car Set

Product ID: Pioneer Zephyr
Manufacturer: River Raisin
Category: Diesel Locomotives
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q)

Brass: Yes
Gauge: S
Color: Stainless Steel
Year: 2005
Condition: New (box: New)

Available: 1
Price: 2,399.00 1,995.00

Comments: The set pictured on the layout is that of a fellow S gauger.The set being offered for sale appears to be mint and comes with the original box and foam liner. The power unit was unwrapped for inspection and is beautiful. The remaining three cars appear to have never been unwrapped and remain in their original factory wrappers.

When released in May 2005 the 4 car set retailed for $2399.00.

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