Brass Items

for the Union Pacific (UP)

Description: FEF-3 4-8-4 ( Sample Pilot Model) Unpainted

Product ID: OMI-1720/S
Manufacturer: Overland
Category: Steam Locomotives - 4-8-4
Union Pacific (UP) Unpainted

Brass: Yes
Gauge: S
Color: Unpainted
Year: 1988
Condition: Like-new (box: Good)

Available: 1
Price: 995.00 595.00

Comments: Sample pilot model FEF-3 with minor differences from subsequent production run models. Packed in a gold box with no fabricated foam liner. The liner is comprised of assorted pieces of foam to house the model. Locomotive currently requires drive train work - possibly will require requartering of wheels. Purchased from Dan Navarre. Box label was added by Sidetracks.

The original retail in 1988 for production run models was $715.95 unpainted.

Priced at $595.00 due to drive train work that is needed.

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