American Flyer - 660***

660-663 Series Streamlined Passenger SetAmerican Flyer

Description: 660-663 Series Streamlined Passenger Set

Product ID: 660***
Manufacturer: American Flyer
Category: Passenger Car Set 3 - A
American Flyer

Gauge: S
Color: Aluminum
Year: 1950
Condition: Excellent Plus (box: Reproduction)

Available: 1
Price: 339.95

Comments: Set 3
This car is part of a four car set consisting of a 660, 661, 662 and 663 aluminum streamline passenger cars. The overall condition of the set is excellent plus. Some parts such as coupler springs, nameplates and silhouettes may be replacements.

The 2019 Greenberg guide for a 660 in excellent condition without the box is $49.00.

Without the cost of the chrome plating on the 663 rear vestibule being included, the cars in the set are priced at or below the Greeberg price guide for excellent.

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