American Flyer - 952 Set

Passenger Car SetAmerican Flyer

Description: Passenger Car Set

Product ID: 952 Set
Manufacturer: American Flyer
Category: Passenger Car Set 4
American Flyer

Gauge: S
Color: Green
Year: 1953-58
Condition: Excellent Plus (box: Reproduction)

Available: 1
Price: 675.00

Comments: A952-954 Series Green Heavyweight Passenger Set

These green heavyweight passenger cars are being offered as a set. The set includes cars 952, 952, 953 and 954. Reproduction boxes are included with the four car set and each box is stamped with the appropriate American Flyer number and car type. Each car has only one picture under this general set listing, but additional views are posted separately for each of the four cars in the set.

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