American Flyer - 652 G

Pullman Coach (Block)American Flyer

Description: Pullman Coach (Block)

Product ID: 652 G
Manufacturer: American Flyer
Category: Passenger Cars - Green
American Flyer

Gauge: S
Color: Green
Year: 1949
Condition: Very Good (box: Reproduction)

Available: 1
Price: 65.00 50.00

Comments: The "PULLMAN" lettering centered above is sanserif (block) and the numbers are stamped on each end of the car.The car has brass wheels instead of the zamac wheels which are typically on the car. The car had one broken step and this was repaired with a reproduction step. Although the step is solidly attached, it is not entirely straight, The door set on one end of the car is a reproduction piece. A reproduction box is included.

The 2019 Greenberg for excellent without the box is $110.00.

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