S Scale America - SSA2304.6

R-40-23 Refrigerator Car PFE Double Herald B&W - Scale UpgradesPacific Fruit Express (PFEX) #48720

Description: R-40-23 Refrigerator Car PFE Double Herald B&W - Scale Upgrades

Product ID: SSA2304.6
Manufacturer: S Scale America
Category: Refrigerator Cars
Pacific Fruit Express (PFEX) #48720

Gauge: S
Color: Orange
Year: 2008
Condition: New (box: New)

Available: 1
Price: 44.98 39.95

Comments: NWSL Code 110 Premium Nickel Silver Wheelsets and Kadee 802 Couplers have been installed and are included in the regular retail price of the car. The retail value of NWSL wheels and Kadee couplers alone is $16.45. AF compatible wheels and couplers are not included. This is a nicely detailed and well constructed car, but the stirrup steps are delicate. The Morton roofwalk is fabricated from stainless steel with open grate material which is a nice upgrade over the originally produced PRS cars.

Note: Hirail wheels and AF compatible couplers are not included.

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