Track Components

by Miller

Description: Plastic Tie Strip

Manufacturer: Miller
Category: Track Components - E. Accessories

Gauge: S
Color: Black
Year: 1970s
Condition: New (box: Very Good)

Available: 1
Price: 19.95 12.95

Comments: This item consists of approximately 47 feet of vintage plastic tie strip manufactured by The Robert L. Miller Laboratory. The tie strip was produced to use with Code 126 rail for S scale standard gauge track. There are four individual boxes each containing 10 feet of the tie strip. A fifth box is also included and contains 7 feet of the tie strip. All five individual boxes are in a cardboard shipping container which was shipped to the customer from Miller Laboratory with a postmark dated May 13 74.

The tie strip is a dark reddish brown color. It appears the tie strip would accept the rail used in the more recently manufactured flex track produced by Fox Vallley, MTH and S-Helper Service.

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