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Description: Hi-Rail 33 Inch Insulated Wheel Set 4-Pack

Product ID: 35-1108
Manufacturer: MTH
Category: Wheel Sets

Gauge: S
Color: Black
Year: 2014
Condition: New (box: New)

Available: 10
Price: 12.95 5.95

Comments: The wheels are non-magnetic, but the axles are magnetic.

Description: Code 110 Wheelsets Pointed Axle (4) Weathered

Product ID: Custom -4
Manufacturer: NWSL
Category: Wheel Sets

Gauge: S
Color: Silver
Year: 2010
Condition: New (box: New)

Available: 6
Price: 12.95 10.36

Comments: This item includes 4 wheel sets that have 33 inch wheels S Guage/Premium Nickel Silver Non Magnetic/ Weathered/ Axle 3/32 inch x 1.264 inch Pointed Style/ Insulated Two Sides (enough for one car). The axle length on these wheelsets was custom ordered from NWSL for Sidetracks. The axle length is slightly shorter than their stock axle length. This was done to achieve better rolling in some of the earlier S-Helper trucks that had a narrower space between the sideframes. The wheelsets have also been tested in the later issued S-Helper trucks and MTH trucks and performed well in both.

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