Trucks, Wheels, Couplers

by Walthers

Description: Proto Max Couplers (4 Pair Per Package)

Product ID: 920-6001
Manufacturer: Walthers
Category: Couplers

Gauge: S
Color: Black
Year: 2013
Condition: New (box: New)

Available: 3
Price: 6.98 4.25

Comments: Eight (8) couplers with assembled knuckles are in each package. Also included are coupler pockets, lids and centering springs which are easy to assemble. A picture of a coupler centering spring is below. There is one spare knuckle spring in each package of 8 couplers. Screws to mount the coupler to the car are not included. Overall, this is a great buy for good quality couplers.

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